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Rottweiler with the nickname “Rottie,” is a muscular, medium- to large-size dog. Rottweilers have a powerful physique that gives them great strength and endurance. The obedience of this breed is at its peak; that’s the reason this breed was the earliest guard dog. The Rottweiler has a calm temperament, but it can be aggressive with other dogs, so proper training must be assured.

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Despite being dangerous, a Rottweiler can be the best companion for your family with proper training. They are used by military guard dogs, service dogs, mountain rescue dogs, etc. Rottweilers have a broad head and powerful hitting ability. Most Rottweilers have docked tails, but some countries have banned tail docking. In Australia, tail docking is banned so the Australian Rottweilers with full Tail.

Rottweilers are very famous for being dangerous, so they are not the best dogs for every family because they are prone to fighting with other dogs or pets. If you are thinking of making this dog your pet, then proper socialization is very much necessary. In this way, they can be a gentle playmate. Now let’s dive into some details about this breed.

Characteristics of Rottweilers:

If we only look at one side of a picture, then how can we judge the quality of the picture? Same way despite their behavior problems, Rottweilers have very amazing features that make this breed very popular among other breeds. There are so many characteristics, but we are going, to sum them up in the following way:

Exercise LoverHigh
Intelligence LevelHigh
Pet FriendlyLow
Child FriendlyHigh
Affection LevelHigh
Amount of Coat SheddingMedium
Tendency to BarkHigh
Energy LevelMedium to High

History of Rottweiler:

Rottweiler originated in Germany. These dogs were named on the basis of their origin in Rottweil ( a town in Germany). In the Rottweil, these dogs were used to herd livestock and to carry the butcher’s meat to the market so they are called Rottweiler Metzgerhund ( the dogs of Rottweil Butchers).

Rottie is considered to be the oldest dog breed and its origin goes back to Roman times. This breed was officially recognized by American Kennel Club in 1936. Rottweiler was first represented in Crufts ( an international dog show in Uk ) in 1936. Now, this breed is the eighth most popular pure dog breeds in the world.

Care and Training of Rottweiler:

Proper care is necessary for Rottweiler.

Coat Grooming:

The Rottweilers have a double hairy coat, the upper coat is dense and coarse while the undercoat is smooth and it is at the level of neck and thigh. Those rottweilers that inhabit the hot climates have no undercoat. They need proper grooming for hairy coats. The hair needs to be combed at least two times a week. The molting rate of their coat is very not much high and this lasts at least for three weeks. Furminator is the best tool during the shedding period.

Dental Care:

Dental hygiene is also very important for your Rottie. Washing the teeth once a week is a good practice for keeping your dog in good health status.


The Rottweilers are fastidious dogs, they keep themselves clean and have little doggy odor. When you feel that your dog is looking dirty then clean your dog with a hot water bath.

Nails Trimming:

Some Rottweilers wear down their nails naturally, but regular inspection is necessary to avoid any problem. Regular Nail trimming is necessary to avoid any discomfort during walking.


Training :

One of the most important things to grasp is that Rottweilers need proper socialization because as I mentioned earlier they are not welcoming dogs. They can be aggressive towards other dogs so taking a Rottweiler with you in any dog park might create a disaster. Rottweilers just need guidance to start with and only in this way you can make your Rottie the best playmate.

They are not suitable for first-time dog owners who don’t have any experience of owning a pet. Training of this dog breed should be done at the puppy level. Rottweilers with proper guidelines can serve as a protective guard dog to your family and property.

rottweiler training

Common Health Issues:

Rottweilers are relatively healthy dog breed. But some common health problems are reported in this breed. These are:

Hip Dysplasia:

This problem occurs during embryonic development. In a normal case, the head of the femur (ball) and the cavity of a pelvic bone called acetabulum grow uniformly. But in Hip Dysplasia, this uniform growth doesn’t occur resulting in a deformed hip. The pain of this problem occurs later in life. Hip Dysplasia leads to arthritis or other joint problems. Screening must be assure before adopting any rottweiler.

Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL):

CCL is the damage to ligament of hind legs near the hock area.


A heredity problem in which the upper eyelid folds inward causing an uncomfortable sensation because the eyelashes continuously rub against the cornea.

Osteochondritis Disssecans:

The abnormal development of cartilage on the end of a bone causing the swelling of joint.

Diet and Nutrition:

The Diet of a Rottweiler depends upon many factors like its age, size, activity level, etc. Normally they require two meals a day of dry dog food. They are not at self-moderation so they can eat whenever they want, this will put weight on your Rottie and your dog will obese.

Also must check out the daily routine care like weight check because obesity in a dog causes a decrease in life span. Visit every month to a veterinarian to get a diet schedule for your dog.



  • Muscular Dog with effective guarding ability
  • High intelligent
  • Less Coat Shedding
  • Healthy Dog Breed


  • Not much pet friendly
  • Need proper training and socialization
  • Expensive Breed
  • Not kept with other dogs

Where to adopt a Rottweiler:

Before buying any dog breed make sure that either they have done proper screening tests on the breed or not. First of all check in your local animal shelter or rescue group to see if there is a Rottweiler for you. Otherwise, the best sources to adopt or buy are

American Rottweiler Club

The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation

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