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Chicken Breeds in Pakistan

There are hundreds of Chicken Breeds in Pakistan and also around the world. The great variations in chicken breeds all over the world are because of geographical distribution. Now, how all these breeds are distinguishable? The answer is very simple: There are various ways to classify Chicken Breeds like

The physical traits used to distinguish chicken breeds are size, comb type, skin color, number of toes, amount of feathering, egg color, and most importantly the place of origin. But the most common way of classification is on the following types

  • Origin Base
  • On the basis of egg production
  • Meat Producing Breeds

There are some chicken breeds that are known as hybrid breeds (dual-purpose breeds ). Dual-purpose means those breeds that are good at both, egg as well as meat productions. In this article, we will enlist the Poultry Breeds in Pakistan on the above basis.

Chicken Breeds in Pakistan on the origin basis:

On the basis of origin 5 types of Chicken breeds are known in Pakistan. These are:

1- Aseel or Asil

2- Sindhi

3- Golden Misri

4- Desi

5- Lyallpur Silver Black

1- Assel:

Aseel Chicken Breed is the most popular poultry bird in Pakistan. But if we look back at the history of this breed then it generally originates from the Indian subcontinent. This breed is famous in Punjab, Pakistan, and in Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc. In short, this breed is common throughout Southeast Asia as a Thai gamer.

Asil is not for eggs because this chicken breed is very poor in egg production. The hens are not good layers but are excellent sitters. Laying depends on the Asil variety, the small Asil are known to be very poor layers, sometimes laying just 6 eggs a year, whereas larger Asil can lay around 40 eggs a year. So this chicken breed is mainly used for meat purposes as well as for cockfighting.

Aseel Chicken Breed

2- Sindhi :

As I mentioned earlier, Chicken Breeds are simply named after the area where they are bred. If we talk about Aseel then there are various varieties of Aseel on the basis of its origin. The name Sindhi is referring to that type of Assel bird that is native to Sindh province in Pakistan.

Sindhi Breeds are noted as being tall, heavy, and good at fighting, so they are bred mainly for the cockpit. These Aseels are characterized by a muscular but compact body, broad shoulders, wings carried against the body, short and hard feathers, drooping tails, a large curved beak similar to that of an eagle, pea comb, and no wattles.

 Sindhi Aseel Chicken Breed in Pakistan

3/4- Golden Misri and Desi:

There is a lot of controversy regarding the Golden misri and the desi chicken breed. In this article, I will solve all confusion about these breeds. Most people think that golden misri and desi chicken are similar but it is not true there are some differences between these two breeds. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Difference Between Golden Misri and Desi Chicken Breed in Pakistan

Brooding Behaviour:

Golden misri is not good sitter i.e they are not brooding hens whereas the desi hen is brooding.

Comb and Wattle:

Golden misri has large comb and wattle, the desi hen lacks it

Maturity age:

Maturity age means when hens lay eggs. Golden misri usually mature in 6 months whereas the desi hen matures in 8 months.

Eye Lashes:

This is not so much a distinguishable feature but some farm experts noticed it and said that Golden misri has eyelashes but the desi hen lacks it.

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Difference between Golden misri and desi chicken breed

5- Lyallpur Silver Black:

A native breed Lyallpur Silver Black (LSB) was evolved by crossing the local chickens with three imported breeds namely, White Leghorn, White Cornish, and New Hampshire. The objective was to develop a breed that could survive under environmental conditions of rural areas as well as be capable of producing more eggs per year as compared to only 50 eggs of Desi. LSB can produce 150 eggs per year.

Lyallpur Silver Black


There are so many Chicken Breeds in Pakistan but the above mentioned are originated in Pakistan. Normally the Poultry farmers in Pakistan use these breeds for the poultry business because they are adapted to the climatic conditions of Pakistan. But with advancements in Breeding genetics, some new breeds are introduced in Pakistan that are now famous for poultry farming.

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