Listeriosis in Goats | Circling Disease in Goats and other Animals

White goat without horns suffering with listeriosis, circling disease

Listeriosis in goats is a sporadic bacterial infection that is found all over the world, but it is more common in temperate and colder climates. Circling disease affects a wide range of animals, including humans(zoonotic) and birds. Listeriosis is more common in ruminants with mark recognition of brain inflammation leading to nervous signs. This article will go over listeriosis in

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Bluetongue in Sheep | Can Bluetongue be treated?

Bluetongue in Sheep

Bluetongue in Sheep is a non-contagious, infectious, arthropod-borne disease of ruminants, particularly sheep. This disease was first reported in South Africa. Bluetongue can’t be transmitted between susceptible animals without a vector, so the distribution of vectors limits the spread of infection. If you don’t know about the blue tongue or sore muzzle then let’s have a look at Bluetongue in

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