Basic Essentials of an Ideal Poultry Shed | Stop Spending Millions

basic essentials of an ideal poultry shed

Low-cost poultry house design is the dream of every poultry farmer. For poultrymen, housing serves two important purposes. First, it concentrates the flock into a manageable size. Second, it creates a physical environment conducive to the production of eggs and poultry meat. Before starting a poultry farm, housing is a very important initiative. It doesn’t mean that you must have

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Types of Poultry Houses | Things Need to Know Before Starting a Poultry Business!

types of poultry houses

After the selection of desirable breed, the main task is to choose the right housing system for your bird. Which types of Poultry Houses are to be adopted? It depends on category type, type of birds, climatic conditions, capacity to invest, and strength of birds. Sometimes poultry keepers used a combination of one or two systems depending on the need

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Poultry House Design | How to construct a standard poultry house with ventilation?

poultry house design

There are various types of Poultry House Design. But the design of your poultry house must fulfill all the requirements of a standard poultry house. In this article we will tell you in detail how to construct a standard poultry house with proper ventilation and other requirements. Poultry house matters a lot because it is easy to choose a bird

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