Aseel Chicken Breed | Things need to know before buying Aseel

Aseel Chicken Breed is the most popular poultry bird in Pakistan. But if we look back at the history of this breed then it generally originates from the Indian subcontinent. This breed is famous in Punjab of Pakistan, and in Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc. In short, this breed is common throughout Southeast Asia as a Thai Gamer.

If you don’t know about this poultry breed then don’t worry we are going to enlist every detail about Aseel Chicken Breed that you must need to know before buying it. So, Let’s dive into the article.

Information of Aseel Chicken Breed:

As I mentioned earlier, Aseel Chicken Breed is common throughout Southeast Asia as a game bird. But what actually does it means? Actually, people of South Asia used this chicken breed in fighting competitions and also for gambling. It’s the main reason for its popularity. But there are many other characteristics that make Aseel Chicken Breed distinguish from others. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Fighter Bird:

Aseel Chicken Breed is actually a fighter bird because people used it for cockfighting. This breed of chicken is known as a fighting cock. This chicken breed is mostly known for its high stamina, pugnacity, and fighting abilities.  The most popular varieties of aseel are Reza (light red), Teekar (brown), Chitta (black and white silver), Kagar (black), and Peela (golden-red). 

Fighter Bird Aseel Chicken Breed

Aseel Chicken Breed is a Layer or Broiler?

This is one of the most asked questions regarding aseel. Is Aseel Chicken Breed a Layer or Broiler? Aseel is not for eggs because this chicken breed is very poor in eggs production. These hens are not good layers but are excellent sitters. Laying depends on the Aseel variety, the small Aseels are known to be very poor layers, sometimes laying just 6 eggs a year, whereas larger Aseels can lay around 40 eggs a year. So this chicken breed is mainly used for meat purposes. But as I mentioned earlier some people just use it for cockfighting.

If you are looking for layers that lay a lot of eggs then must check out the best chicken breeds that will lay a lot of eggs for you.

Aseel Chicken Breed is a Layer or Broiler

Body Weight of Aseel Chciken Breed :

It has a long and slender face that is not covered with a feather, compact eyes, a long neck, and a small tail and has strong and straight legs.  The cocks have 4-5 kg and the hen have 3-4kg, cockerels have 3.5-4.5kg and pullets have 2.5-3.5 kg standard weight.

Body Weight of Aseel Chicken Breed

History of Aseel Chicken Breed:

As I mentioned earlier, this chicken breed was used as a cock fighter because of its high stamina and pugnacity. The Aseel Chicken Breed is a common breed in Pakistan and in Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and also West Bengal.

It is considered the oldest chicken breed in the fighting world. The word Aseel is derived from an Arabic word that means “purebred.”

If we talk about India, then most of the Aseel is found in the districts of Andhra Pradesh and some districts of Odisha. This breed once got popular in Holland but its popularity declined with time.

History of Aseel Chicken Breed

Feed for Aseel Chicken Breed:

The feed for Aseel Chicken Breed must contain the following ingredients:


Protein is very necessary for the proper growth and the development of every chicken breed. Keep in mind that for starters i.e For chicks of Aseel, the protein should be at least 10-15% in the diet. Because it helps the chicks to grow faster and protect them from the early problems of the chick.


Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. It helps to maintain the body temperature of aseel and helps to mix body fat. But don’t exceed the level of carb in the diet by more than 10% because it will results in digestibility issues.


For the starter i.e. the first water of chick should include 1/4th cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of Terramycin/gallon. The second water includes 1 teaspoon of Terramycin and then normal water is given. Provide one quart of water to every four chickens. Water must be fresh and clean.

Feed for Aseel Chicken Breed

Care of Aseel Chicken Breed:

In order to make your breed healthier the following care is necessary:

Housing System:

Do you like to live in a dirty place? Definitely, no one wants to live. In the same way, the housing system has a very major impact on the growth and production of your chicken breeds. So, for a better housing system you have to take down the following instructions:

  • The Shelter in which you are going to put your chickens must be clean and dry.
  • It must be blowy or windy.
  • The light must come in the shelter because light has very important role in egg production.
  • The bedding of the shelter must be covered with some straw because the toes of chicks are very week in the start and if you kept them on a hard floor then it will cause sprayed leg problems or other chick problems.
  • The bedding of the shelter should not be organic, unless the birds will eat it.
  • The birds have access to outdoor because they like normal behaviour of dust bathing etc.
  • The presence of perches is also the best choice for good housing.
  • Fresh water supply must be there.
  • It must have 24 hours electricity supply. The chicken shelter must be away from the industrial and urban area because the fertilizer of chicken will pollute the environment and causes flies’ problem.
  • Chose the shelter which is free from noise as the noise problem will affect the production of birds.

Care of newborn chicks:

Raising baby chicks requires proper attention and an incubator. The above-mentioned requirements are necessary for the proper development of chicks. The feed of chicks must be full of nutritious content in order to avoid any health issues.

Vaccination Programs:

The success behind a good poultry keeper is that he always has an updated vaccination program. The following vaccination routine must be followed for better health and growth of your Aseel Chicken Breed

DiseaseType of VaccineAge of BirdRoute of AdministrationDose of Vaccine
Marek’s diseaseHVT or IVBP1-3 daysS/C0.2 ml
RanikhetF1 or Lasota Lasota
(Booster) R2B strain booster
2-6 days
30th day
6-8 week
16 week
Intra-nasal or intra-ocular orDW or S/C0.5 ml
I.B.DLive attenuated booster (LA)18-21 days
25-28 days
I/O or D/W
Fowl PoxLive vaccine
6 weeks
9th week
I/M0.2 ml
Fowl CholeraIVRI6th weekS/C1 ml
Infectious CoryzaInactivated srini vaccine15-18 weekI/M0.5 ml
Egg Drop SyndromeKilled vaccine15-18 weekI/M0.5 ml

Diseases of Aseel Chicken Breed and their Treatment:

The diseases of Aseel Chicken Breed and their treatment with precautions are given below:

Bird flu:

This is a very dangerous disease that can destroy all the flock within days. This problem is caused by influenza and the mortality rate is 100%. This problem spread from one bird to another and ultimately the whole shed will be under this problem. The cause of transmission is the feeding equipment and poor water supply systems.


  • laziness in birds
  • loss of appetite,
  • comb color turn yellow,
  • less egg production and ultimately death.


Prevention includes Stop taking anything inside or outside from the chicken farm. Separate shoes will be used inside the farm.

Make the hole and add medicine in mentioned amount so that before entering the farm dip your foot in the treated water. Germ destroyers such as Qualitol should be sprayed around the farm.

Cautions during disease:

Because this disease affects the human, wear proper clothes and gloves before picking the diseased chickens. Burn or bury the dead and influenced chickens in the soil. Meat can be cooked at 700 C as it kills the infection and is used for eating.

Deficiency of Vitamin A:

The symptoms of this disease are beak and legs get fainted yellow and shaking head.
Treatment: Add more amount of Vitamin A to the feed and gave them green feed.

Chicken Pox:

It is a contagious disease and it can be spread at any age of the bird. The symptoms are sores on a comb, around eyes and ears.
Treatment: Homeopathic medicine of antimonium torterix @5ml/100 birds is given to cure chickenpox.


Coccidiosis in Poultry is an intestinal disease that is caused by a protozoan ( coccidia ) that attaches itself to the intestinal lining and thus damages the wall of the gut leading to bleeding that can be seen in the droppings of birds. 


It is a parasitic disease that is caused by coccidian protozoan. The disease is mainly caused to the chick having an age between 3-10 weeks. It also affects the adult ones.


  • Lethargic chickens with not easy to move around
  • Plae color comb and skin also appears yellowish
  • loss of appetite
  • Ruffled feathers
  • The declining growth rate in baby chicks
  • Weight loss
  • Decrease egg production or stops at all
  • Diarrheal droppings


Proper cleaning should be done. Approximately up to 12 weeks chick’s give coccidiostat in the feed, e.g befran or amprol @50g/qtl feed, clopidol @125g/qtl, stanorol @50g/ton of feed. Change the medicine after every 1-2 years. Mix the medicine properly in the feed.

Leucosis and Marek’s:

It is a contagious disease which is infected to another animal via air, feathers, soil etc. Leucosis doesn’t spread through air and doesn’t spread through the polluted environment.

Marek’s symptoms: It is mainly caused to chicks having age between 1-4 months and sometime it is caused to 30 days old chicken. The symptoms are fainted legs, feather and neck, grey color eyes and ultimately they get blind.

Leucosis symptoms: It is mainly caused to chicken having age more than 4 months. They symptoms are increase in liver in size and ulcers are found in all body parts except veins.

Treatment: When the chick is one day old vaccinate them with Marek’s vaccine. Proper cleanliness and care should be taken.  

Ranikhet Disease:

It is also known as New Castle disease. It is a very contagious disease and it is spread to every age bird. The symptoms are increased death rate, difficulty in breathing, fainted legs and feathers.

Treatment: When the chicks are 1-6 days old vaccinate it with Ranikhet medicine of F strain and broilers should be vaccinated after 4 weeks interval with F-1 vaccination.

Fatty Liver Syndrome:

The disease is mainly caused due to feed digestion problem which causes fat deposition in the body. This disease is mainly found in egg producing chicken or broiler which has given more energy feed. The symptoms are 50% less egg production, weight reduces up to 20-25% and blood spots are seen on liver and body.

Treatment: Decrease the energy content in the feed. Mix 100g choline chloride, 10,000 I U Vitamin E, 1.2mg Vitamin B12 and 100g incitol in 1 quintal of feed.


It is mainly caused due to humidity and hot rains. The symptoms are less hunger, less egg production, increased thirst, and a decrease in blood level.

Treatment: Livol or liv-52 or tefroli tonic is given in feed or given through water. Vitamin A and Vitamin E @60,000 IU/acre and 300 IU/acre are given respectively.

Diseases of Aseel Chicken Breed and their Treatment


Aseel Chicken Breed is a cock fighter bird that is famous throughout Southasia. This is not for eggs because this breed lays 6 eggs per year. Proper care is essential for every chicken breed to avoid any health issues. For this, you have to take into consideration the proper care management like housing, feeding, and vaccination programs. If you looking to start a Poultry Business in 2021 then must check out the detailed business guide on poultry by veterinary doctors and poultry keepers.

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